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What is Family Forward and how is it different from other social media conferences?

While Family Forward attendees will be comprised of social media influencers, the focus of the retreat is to strengthen the digital family. Our hands-on workshops and events are centered on making memories and teaching skills families can apply everyday such as communication, creativity, team building, and trust.


Who is attending Family Forward?

Family Forward is a family retreat organized by Mom It Forward for social media influencers, including mom and dad bloggers and their families, and is focused on helping families connect in the digital age. All attendees must be members of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network. Click here to learn more about Mom It Forward and to join our network at no charge.


What are the dates of the Family Forward retreat?

Family Forward begins on Thursday, September 3 and ends on Monday, September 7, 2015. We recommend arriving, checking in, and joining us at the resort no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 3 to participate in one of our most fun and anticipated events of the entire weekend.


What exactly is included in the Family Forward Pass?

The following is included in the cost of a Family Pass (for a family of up to 5 members):


  • 1 standard room at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort for 4 nights (Check in on Thursday, Sept 3 at 4 p.m. and check out on Monday, September 7 at 11 a.m. Rooms sleep 4 and one rollaway bed is available for a 5th family member complimentary of Loews Royal Pacific Resort at no additional charge for Family Forward attendees, upon request. Additional rooms are available for the discounted rate of $159 per night plus taxes and fees.)

  • Welcome dinner at Universal Studios Flordia

  • Exclusive nighttime event in Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure

  • 5 Meals and 1 dessert party

  • 5, 1 Afternoon passes and entrance to an exclusive nighttime event at Wet & Wild on Friday, September 4

  • 5, 3-Day Universal Express Park-to-Park Passes to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure (to be handed out on Saturday, September 5)

  • 6-Hour VIP tour experience through Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure on Saturday, September 5

  • 5 Passes to the Blue Man Group Show on Saturday, September 5

  • Countless family-building and memory-making experience


Why did the Family Forward family pass cost increase?

Family Forward aims to make each Family Forward event better than the next. This year, for example, we are offering five instead of four meals, an additional theme park experience at Wet & Wild Orlando, and a not-to-miss VIP tour guide experience. Due to these additions, the value of Family Forward increased from $7,000 to $8,500. Our goal is to provide families with a high value vacation that's affordable. We believe a $1,750 vacation for a family of five that is valued at $8,500 does just that!


What day care or day camp options are available?

Family Forward’s activities and events are created with the entire family in mind. That said, if you’d like to take advantage of child care options while at Universal Orlando Resort, both group and private options are available through the hotel. While we are happy to help you gather information regarding child care and babysitting, these options, including payment and reservations, are not included in your Family Forward pass. Please click on Venue/ChildCare to learn more.


Can I bring babies to sessions and workshops at Family Forward?

Yes! Family Forward was created with the entire family in mind. 


What conference activities and events involve families?

In short, every activity and workshop involves every member of your family. Family Forward is all about giving families experiences, ideas, and skills to embrace bonding in the digital age through workshops centered on communication, creativity, team building, and trust. Our premise is that whether you are unplugged or are plugged in, you can maximize opportunities to create connections with your family. 


What should I wear to Family Forward?

Think comfort. Theme park casual is the name of the game at this retreat. It will be hot in Universal Orlando Labor Day Weekend, so dress for the high temps. Wear comfortable shoes, light colored clothing, and items that won’t wear you down. Also, we typically experience thunder and rain storms this time of year, so consider bringing a rain poncho and lightweight clothes.


What are the sponsorship guidelines for attendees being sponsored?

The Family Forward team appreciates all sponsors who make this event possible. Our goal is to respect both individual sponsors and official conference sponsors. These guidelines will help you as you approach brands about individual sponsorship options.

We allow you to:

  • Email us to tell us about your sponsorship options: We’re happy to brainstorm options with you to help maximize your sponsor’s investment.

  • Hand out business cards to conference attendees. Your cards may include sponsor information.

  • Wear t-shirts or other branded paraphernalia.

  • Write about your sponsor on your blog and promote on your social media channels, including a reference to Family Forward.

We don’t allow you to:

  • Pass out brochures, pamphlets, swag, lanyards, buttons, or other brand collateral or products in the main conference areas or at official conference activities and events, including sponsored suites.

  • Place display advertising/signage of any kind in the main conference areas or at official conference activities and events.

  • Organize or hold informal events any time from Wednesday, September 2 to Monday, September 7 during regular conference hours (7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.).

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm, email us at:


What speakers will be at Family Forward?

Speakers are associated with brand sponsorships and hands-on workshops. Stay tuned for more speaker, session, and workshop information. Since all speakers are associated with our brand sponsorships, we do not put out a formal call for speakers.


Does the hotel have a complimentary shuttle or what are my options for getting to and from the Orlando airport?

Loews Royal Pacific Resort does not have a complimentary shuttle from the Orlando airport. Here are a several options you might want to consider regarding transportation:

  • You can take a Mears shuttle that you can book at the airport—on level 1 at the Mears' desk. The price is $20 per adult and $15 per child each way. You can also save on your transportation reservation with Mears by booking roundtrip service—available for $32 per adult and $24 per child. 

  • Another option is to catch a city taxi at the airport that would cost approximately $55-65 each way for the entire family. 

  • A third option would be to arrange a private SUV to meet you at the airport. This is an all-inclusive fee of $108 each way. Royal Pacific Resort can help arrange the SUV pick up. Please call them for more information and to reserve your SUV.

  • Rental car options are also available both on and off the Orlando airport property. If you go that route, please search online as Orlando often has great rental car deals. Note, however, that you will be charged a discounted self-parking fee of $12 per day at the Royal Pacific Resort.


What transportation options are available to Family Forward attendees?

While transportation and parking fees are not included in the price of your family pass, all transportation once you arrive at the resort is free and available via the Universal Orlando Resort water taxis and walking trails. For more details on transportation to the resort via the airport or driving, please click here.


What if I live close by and do not want to stay at the resort?

While your registration pass includes 4 nights' stay, staying on property is up to you. Unfortunately, we cannot refund you the cost of the lodging as this is a package deal and pricing is based on a varity of factors, not solely on the price of lodging. 

Important note! You must stay on property to take advantage of the Express Passes, which will help reduce ride wait times among other perks. Those who choose not to stay on property will not be able to get these passes unless they purchase them directly.


When and where do we check-in for the retreat?

Onsite registration for the retreat will open at 3 p.m. on Thursday, September 3 and will run through 5 p.m. that evening. The registration desk will be located outside the Loews Royal Pacific Resort Ballroom. For those arriving later than 5 p.m. that evening, please email us at and we will coordinate our plans with yours.


Is there a price difference for families smaller than 5?

Family Forward retreat registration price offers attendees such an amazing deal that additional discounts are not being offered for families smaller than five.


Can I pay for our Family Pass on a payment plan?

Full payment is due at the time of online registration to secure your spot at the Family Forward retreat. We do not offer a payment plan or accept partial payments for Family Forward registrations. Visit to register.


Up until what date can we register for the Family Forward retreat?

Registration will be live until August 28, 2015. 


Should Family Forward 2015 sell out, please put your name on the waitlist by registering at Should a spot become available, we will reach out to you via email from Eventbrite and you will have 24 hours to reply and register. If you do not respond, we will remove your name from the waitlist and move to the next person on the list. Many people on the Family Forward 2014 waitlist were able to claim a spot, so putting your name there is a great option if the event is sold out when you go to register for it.


What family members are eligible to fill the remaining 4 spots in my ticket price?

The Family Passes are intended for you and your immediate family members: spouse/partner, children.


What if my family does not have 5 members in it? Who are we allowed to have fill the extra spots?

If your immediate family does not have 5 people in it, you are not required to fill the extra spots. However, if you would like to fill your extra spots, you are welcome to bring another close family member, such as a grandparent or niece. Since this is a family event, no non-family guests are permitted to take your extra spots unless they are bloggers. Due to space limitations, attendees may only purchase one family pass each and up to five additional family member passes. Attendees may not purchase family passes for non-family members or those who aren't very close family members. Please email with any questions.

Note that the Family Pass only includes one standard hotel room, but additional rooms are available at the discounted rate of $159 per night plus taxes and fees and are available for you to book directly with the hotel.


At what age do children need a ticket for Universal Orlando, and for the Family Forward Retreat?

Tickets are required for children 3 and older at Universal Orlando Resort. Family Forward will be following that same guideline and will require registration for any child 3 and older. Children under 3 years of age will not require Family Forward registration or Universal Orlando Passes and therefore, will not count against your family total. Note that Loews Royal Pacific Resort rooms only allow for 5 people per standard room with a rollaway. Additional rooms are priced separately at the discounted rate of $159++.


There is an option to add another family member for $300. What does the Additional Family Member Pass include?

The $300 charge per additional family member covers everything the Family Pass includes with exception to lodging. Additional rooms are available at a discounted rate for Family Forward attendees ($159 plus taxes and fees per night). Additional family members who choose NOT to stay at the venue hotel will NOT receive a Universal Express Pass as those passes come with reservations at the venue hotel. To be more specific, the Additional Family Member Pass includes the following:


  • Welcome dinner at Universal Studios Flordia

  • Exclusive nighttime event in Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure

  • 5 Meals and 1 dessert party

  • 1 Afternoon pass and entrance to an exclusive nighttime event at Wet & Wild on Friday, September 4

  • 1, 3-Day Universal Express Park-to-Park Passes to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure (to be handed out on Saturday, September 5)

  • 6-Hour VIP tour experience through Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure on Saturday, September 5

  • 1 Passes to the Blue Man Group Show on Saturday, September 5

  • Countless family-building and memory-making experiences


What if our plans change and we are unable to attend the event after registration?

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. However, tickets are transferable.

If the conference is sold out at the time you determine you are no longer able to go, we will go down the waitlist to see if anyone on the list would like to take your spot. While it is your responsibility to find a buyer for your ticket and while we do need to approve registrants prior to your transfer, we are happy to help promote your ticket for sale and do whatever we can to facilitate your transfer. We will handle transferring the ticket to the new owner, collecting funds from her/him, and once those funds clear, you will get a full refund minus a $200 transfer fee.

If the conference is not sold out at the time you determine you are no longer able to attend, you are solely responsible for finding a blogger to purchase your ticket. We will handle transferring the ticket to the new owner, collecting funds from her/him, and once those funds clear, you will get a full refund minus a $200 transfer fee.


Once we’re registered for the Family Forward retreat, how do we resereve our room at Loews Royal Pacific Resort?

Once you are registered for Family Forward 2015 and have paid in full, you are welcome to contact the hotel directly and book your reservations. If you would like to extend your stay or add additional room nights, please reserve those room nights at the time of booking. You will be required to share a credit card at booking and four nights (Thursday, September 3; Friday, September 4; Saturday, September 5; and Sunday, September 6) will be credited to your account.


How do we book additional rooms during the retreat or exended stay room nights at the discounted rate?

If you would like to extend your stay or add additional room nights, please reserve those room nights at the time of booking. 


The hotel is currently holding a block for only the four nights included in your passes, so if you'd like additional room nights, please book your reservation sooner than later. You are responsible for cancelling or making any other changes to your reservations.


What are the check-in and check-out times for my stay at Loews Royal Pacific Resort?

Rooms for retreat attendees will be available for occupancy at 4 p.m. If you arrive sooner, make sure to ask if there are rooms available for check in at that time. If they are not available until the standard 4 p.m. check in time, feel free to check in at the main reservation desk in the hotel lobby, where they will be happy to hold your bags until your room is available.


Is there a different price for local residents that don’t need a room at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort?

The cost of the Family Forward package includes much more than the inclusions listed above. In other words, the lodging is only one small piece of the entire experience. Therefore, we are unable to offer discounted rates for those opting not to stay on hotel property. And again, for those not staying on property, we are unable to provide Universal Express Passes as they come included with the hotel reservation.


What is a standard room at Loews Royal Pacific Resort like?

A standard room at the resort sleeps 4 in shared beds, and 5 with a rollaway, available upon request at no additional charge. The standard room offers one king bed or double queen bed accommodations, and a wealth of exceptional amenities. Please make sure to specify upon reservation if you need a king or double beds and whether or not you’ll need a roll away. Refrigerators and microwaves (one per room) are available upon request and for an additional fee.


Do we have an option to upgrade our rooms at Loews Royal Pacific Resort to a suite?

Yes! The Royal Pacific Parlors (sleeping room) come standard with your Family Pass. If you need additional space for people to sleep, we recommend adding an additional Royal Pacific Parlor to your reservation for the additional fee and discounted rate of $159 plus taxes and fees per night.


If you are looking for additional space, but you do not need additional beds, you can upgrade to the Villa Parlor or the Hospitality Parlor and enjoy a Family Forward Discount.


If you'd like to add a Villa Parlor onto your regular room, it'd be $273 (regularly $542). Please see suite details here: you'd like to add a Hospitality Parlor onto your regular room, it'd be $388 (regularly $776).


Is the Loews Royal Pacific Resort a pet-friendly hotel?

Loews loves pets and is very pet friendly. The resort offers pet friendly rooms, but each will be charged a cleaning fee of $50 per night (maximum of $150 will be charged for stays of three nights and more) and no more than two pets may occupy any one guestroom. At Loews Royal Pacific Resort, standard rooms can be reserved for guests traveling with pets.


Will I need transportation while at the retreat?

No! The hotel and retreat space is on resort property. Guests of the Universal Orlando Resort hotels enjoy complimentary on-site transportation during their stay. Take the water taxis or ride the shuttle bus directly to both theme parks and CityWalk.


Should I choose to rent a car, are there charges for parking my vehicle at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel?

Yes! Self-parking fees are discounted for Family Forward attendees at $12 per night and valet is $25 per night.


When will the details of the schedule for the retreat be available on the Family Forward website?

We will update the agenda as we get additional details. The final agenda will be posted by August 1, 2015.


Is it true Family Forward attendees will have an exclusive nighttime in Universal Studios Florida?

Yes! We'll have that area of the park all to ourselves to enjoy for 2 hours after the park closes. Get ready to get your adventure on the first evening of the retreat and get a taste for what you have waiting for you when we visit the parks on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Make sure you arrive, check in, and are in the ballroom by 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 3 to join us.


What type of events are taking place on Friday and are they kid-friendly?

The family-building activities taking place on Friday are created with kids and adults of all ages in mind. Think short instruction followed by fun, hands-on activities to reinforce the concepts. This will be a fun half day of learning and family bonding.


Is the Blue Man Group really part of the pass inclusions?

Yes! Included in your pass are 5 tickets to the Blue Man Group show on Saturday evening, September 5. You won't want to miss this experience. The show is appropriate for all ages and everyone at Family Forward is welcome. That said, babies or younger kids may want to wear ear plugs or head phones as the performance is a bit on the loud side.


What days and hours can we expect to be spending at the park?

We will be heading to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure Thursday evening for an exclusive nighttime event and then again Saturday morning to kick off an exciting adventure with VIP tour guies. Saturday morning, we will provide each family with 5 Park-to-Park Universal Express Passes good for park entrance Saturday through Monday, September 5-7, 2015. Park passes will not be handed out prior to the days assigned for each park visit and will not be extended to other days.


Are any meals included in the cost of registration?

Five meals and one dessert party are included in the cost of the Family Pass registration for Family Forward. They include: Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Sunday dinner. The dessert party is Sunday evening. All other meals and snacks are on your own.


Are there any social media requirements for the attendees?

Families attending this event have one or more adult member who is a blogger and/or highly active in social media. Due to the highly subsidized rate sponsored by brands looking to engage and hear from social media influencers, while we can't require your online promotion, we’d certainly love to share and reminisce about your adventures and meaningful family-building moments via your blog posts, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube. 


We will create lists and groups so we can all follow each other. We’d love you to take part in those. We’d also love to promote your posts, so please let us know if you do share and we’ll be sure to promote you. But again, all social media activity is appreciated.


What if my spouse/partner or kids are active in social media? Can they participate in our private Facebook group, join the lists, and promote via social media?

Absolutely! Please send us their email address and we will invite them to the Family Forward private Facebook group. We will be starting social media contact lists there where they are welcome to share their information.


How is Family Forward affiliated with Mom It Forward?

Mom It Forward, Inc. is the founder/organizer of the Family Forward retreats. Early registration and invites and discounts went out directly to the Mom It Forward Community and all members of the Mom It Forward team will be attending the event. For questions about Family Forward, please email


What is Mom It Forward? How can I receive the most up to date information about Mom It Forward events?

Mom It Forward focuses on strengthening parents, helping them raise kids with character, and providing opportunities to better their communities with a goal to change the world one parent at a time. We bring family-friendly brands and social media savvy parents together through compensated social media campaigns, in-home and live events, and an annual, family-friendly retreat. 


Interested in joining or referring your blogger friends? Fill out the form and watch for future emails about events, campaigns, and more:


Where can I get an event button to post on my site?

Event buttons are available on the website. Click on the About tab and the Buttons option on the drop-down menu to select the size of your button.